Black Horses Ltd – The Friesian Experience

It's all about the Black Horses

Black Horses Ltd – The Friesian Experience

Greenbank Farm is situated just 1 mile from Cartmel village and is home to the stunning Black Horses that have brought many smiles to visitors faces over the years. Tracey Alexander and her team offer unique, tailor made experiences with their family of Friesian horses that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The centre operates as a Sanctuary for Friesian horses, where education and wellness for both the horses and visitors is at the heart of everything they do.

Whilst not open to the general public, reservations can be made in advance for any of the experiences. Visitors are encouraged to switch off from the outside world and immerse themselves in the incredibly natural energy they’ll feel as soon as they arrive at the farm. Spend an hour “Meeting the Horses” and learn about their individual characters and the role they play, spend half a day with them on a “Yard Experience”, book a session in the “Friendship Barn” for some one-to-one time in a relaxing and therapeutic environment with a Friesian of your choice.

Even if you know nothing about horses or you had horses in the past and miss that touch of a velvety nose, time spent with a Friesian horse is guaranteed to make you smile and feel at peace with the world. For the die hard horse lover you can go one step further –  an overnight stay in a luxury, self catering accommodation at the farm (as seen on Netflix) known as “Stable Stays” where you can sleep alongside one of the Friesians or their miniature Shetland pony Mr JB.

Another popular option is to book one of the horses to take you on a gentle carriage drive around the village and local woodland – ideal to do either before or after a spot of lunch in one of the many fabulous places to dine.

The Friesian Experience has a huge online following on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube where you can see more of what the horses are doing on a daily basis.

Greenbank Farm, Aynsome Lane, Cartmel LA11

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