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Latest Information October 2013

The Community Plan has been completed and now it is important that we start to deliver on the aims and objectives identified by residents and business.

 The Parish Council just does not have the capacity to do everything and in fact recognises that many community groups are already contributing very positively towards the delivery of some of the actions.

We are writing to all community groups to invite them to the launch of the plan on Thursday 24th October 3.30- 6.00 in Allithwaite at the Mary Lambert Hall and 7- 9.30 in Cartmel village Hall.

We hope that some groups will wish to consolidate the work they are already doing by taking the lead for key areas of the plan. An example of this might be Cartmel in Bloom who already do much work to keep Cartmel clean and tidy. Where there is no existing organisation we will need to establish a new group, for example an Allithwaite Community group to take responsibility for ensuring that Allithwaite is clean and tidy.

The Parish Council will retain overall management responsibility of the plan. It will also have a budget to enable the delivery of projects. Groups would be expected to suggest a programme of work which can be costed and establish a time scale for delivery. Some things can be fixed quickly and fairly cheaply others may take more time. Groups would be expected to report back regularly and give a report at the Annual Parish Meeting each May. 

Phil Turner
Clerk to the Council

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July 2013

Cartmel Township Initiative

Lower Allithwaite Parish Council, at its meeting on 13th July 2013 formally adopted the Lower Allithwaite Community Plan. The Community Plan has been produced from the most ambitious consultation exercise undertaken by the Parish Council in decades and has resulted in an Action Plan covering 6 grouped areas of work that the Parish Council needs to investigate and promote.
One of these is the need to address a range of issues in Cartmel including, economic viability, townscape, heritage and traffic management and to secure critical environmental and public realm improvements throughout the village. This has led to the formation of the Cartmel Township Initiative Group which consists of members of the Parish Council and other key organisations within the village.

Formed in Spring 2013, the group quickly identified the need for externally identified solutions, as these would be considered unbiased and therefore likely to gain access to wider funding for any physical improvements proposed by the group. To this end they embarked on the production of a Tender Brief document with the view of employing a specialist consultant to address the issues identified in the Community Plan and to propose a range of solutions to the various problems that are in danger of damaging the very thing that makes Cartmel special.

This tender brief document was unveiled at a public meeting in Cartmel Village Hall on 18th July 2013. 25 members of the public attended the meeting and the Initiative Group presented its proposals. Some positive feedback has been forthcoming from this meeting and the document has been amended accordingly. A number of people wanted to propose solutions, but as had been explained, whilst these solutions may have been viable, the problems of Cartmel need to be addressed as a complete package, as a solution to one problem may be to the detriment of other areas of difficulty. This is the fundamental reason for employing consultants.

Some funding from the Parish, District and County Councils as well as the Village Society has been committed but this will not cover the full cost of the contract. The Group are busy identifying further funding so that the project can be commissioned.
Since the public meeting the Tender Document has been refined and a list of 15 consultants who are interested in tendering has been identified. It is proposed that tender documents will go out at the end of August 2013 with a return date at the end of September. These will be assessed and a small number who most meet the needs of the initiative will be invited to make a presentation to the Group. Following assessment of these presentations and when total funding is in place, a consultant will be appointed.

Because any traffic management studies will need to be carried out at various critical times, it is not envisaged that the consultant’s final report will be available before Autumn 2014. Recommendations from the report will be in the form of a range of schemes highlighting their desirability in terms of their contribution towards enhancing the future wellbeing of the village. Funding available, commissioning of these schemes will begin in financial year 2015/16.

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June 2011

Lower Allithwaite Community Plan - July ’11 update

By now every household in the parish should have received a leaflet explaining why the community plan is important and how to contribute to it. Suggestion boxes are in place around both Allithwaite and Cartmel and people are encouraged to make use of them (with constructive comments).

Remember, the Community Plan group is keen to learn what you’d most like to see changed locally and what should stay the same. What do you most appreciate about living (or visiting or working) in the Cartmel/Allithwaite area? What changes or potential changes in the future give you cause for concern? What things need to be seen to?

Inevitably the focus over the last couple of years has been the size, nature and proposed location of future housing developments and also the wind farm proposal – issues with a major potential long term impact on the local environment. But other things have also become a concern to many people – toilet provision, post offices, potholes and gritting salt, for example; and there’s often the unexpected just around the corner!

A survey just over three years ago identified a number of such priorities. The Parish Council has been able to record some progress on them since, which is not to say they’ve gone away!  The chief concerns then were:

the impact of second homes on local housing availability;
the impact of poor and inconsiderate parking;
the lack of affordable housing;
road safety problems due to speeding vehicles, etc;
the state and availability of public toilets;
the lack of employment opportunities;
insufficient local rentable accommodation;
some facilities poor for secondary school age youngsters, e.g. lack of sports hall and quality of home broadband.

We now need to find out whether these are still the burning issues in people’s minds, or if others have become equally important. The Community Plan will do more than just come up with a list of concerns, however. It will explore points more fully – and will set out a detailed action plan to map out how to proceed.

So let us know how you now feel about those earlier concerns – and do tell us of any new ones.

But also don’t forget to comment on what it’s most important not to change. It’s vital that we hang onto that!

As well as the suggestion boxes, you can contact any member of the Community Plan group (listed in the original information leaflet distributed) or look us up on the internet at www.cartmelvillage.comand

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April 20 2011

NEWS - From Lower Allithwaite Parish Community Plan Group

Your Community Needs You!

Over the next year or so a Community Plan is being put together. To make this happen an action group has been set up by your local Parish Council, Lower Allithwaite, bringing in a number of individuals representing different sections of the local community.

Across the country, parishes are being encouraged to draw up Community – or Parish – Plans. The intention is to clarify and set out local priorities so that spending decisions are better informed and outside bodies (like District and County Councils) can be better persuaded to help fulfil the community’s objectives.

In setting out our collective priorities for the future we are basically asking: What would people like to see changed for the better?  What do they most value which they definitely would not want changed?

We all know we live in a beautiful corner of England. We also know the kinds of threats which seem at times to crowd in on us here. Now is your chance to make a contribution to the Parish’s future, by having your say!  Only by hearing from as many people as possible will we be able to come up with a Plan that is really ‘owned’ by the community at large.

Over the next few months the Community Plan group will be making contact with various sections of the twin communities of Cartmel and Allithwaite in order to spread the message, and get as much feedback as possible. Other ways of getting feedback include suggestion boxes, consultation events and individual questionnaires.  We will also use various ways to keep you updated.

Once priorities have been agreed, the Plan will need to set out how these may be best achieved – step by step, with timescales and details of those expected to undertake the action. Again the hope is to involve as many people as possible in the process of drawing up the action plan.

Fortunately we are not starting with a completely blank sheet. A Parish Statement, a sort of simplified version of a Community Plan, was drawn up back in 2008-9 after canvassing local views. Then in February of this year an open morning/afternoon was organised in Allithwaite/Cartmel, which many people attended, mainly focusing on the SLDC planning proposals on land allocation for building development.  So there are already some useful ideas to build on.

The action group is anxious for you to share your thoughts with them right from the start. They would also appreciate volunteers who might lend a hand with the work entailed in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in helping - or if you already have some views on what local priorities should be – then please contact one of the following:

Hazel Allen (; tel 36497).
David Huggett (; tel 36378)
Philip Pascall (; tel 36207)
Mary Wilson (; tel 36673)
John Evans (; tel 36457)
Dai Hunt (; tel 36448)
Tiffany Hunt (; tel 36302).
Barbara Copeland (; tel 33165

The group and the Parish Council both look forward to hearing from you and meeting as many of you as possible over the coming weeks and months.

David Huggett
Chairman, Lower Allithwaite Parish Council

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Statement 2008

Action Plan

There has been insufficient time this year to prepare a proper Action Plan.  It is intended that work should proceed, using direction from the points identified in the Issues List, to develop a Plan by March 2009.  The Plan will be split into two sections which will include those (Local Action) issues that the PC can address itself, and the more difficult (Strategic) issues which will require assistance from SLDC or CCC.  It is likely (particularly due to the disappointing response from the under-50 members of the Parish) that another more extensive survey of opinion, and consultations, will have to be carried out before a full plan can be developed.

Management and Implementation of the Plan

Routine Management  It is important that the Plan is established as a central means for the Parish Council to meet the requirements of Lower Allithwaite, and that it does not lie ignored.  They should try to implement the Quick Fix items on an ongoing basis as resources allow, and must actively engage and encourage SLDC and CCC to assist with the Strategic ones.  It is recommended that an Action Plan Working Group be established (probably of 3 to 5 councillors) to maintain and implement the Plan, and that they should report progress as a routine item at each monthly PC meeting.

Annual Review  The Action Plan will need to be reviewed, and revised as necessary, each year by 31st March.  Unless there is a significant change of local circumstances, it should be unlikely that any major changes will have to be made.  It will probably be appropriate to carry out major reviews of public opinion every 5 or so years to ensure that the Plan remains valid.

Alignment with Higher Level Plans  Many of the facilities and services in the Parish rely heavily on direct resourcing by SLDC and CCC, as will the implementation of the Strategic Items in the Action Plan.  It will be useful, therefore, if as many Actions as possible are aligned or linked with higher level objectives and initiatives to demonstrate to SLDC/CCC that these legitimate requirements exist, and to suggest how they might help to fulfil them.

Communication  The responses to the questionnaire indicated that 32% of respondents regarded the PC’s communications as poor or bad.  The Council must demonstrate that it is listening to Parishioners’ concerns and that reasonable action is being taken to try to address them.  Whist it probably is not feasible to distribute full copies of the Statement/Plan to households, there need to be regular updates to keep residents aware of the action that the Council is taking on their behalf, and what progress is being made.  Full copies of the Statement/Plan could also be made available (perhaps at the Post Offices) for those who might wish to study them in detail.  The Statement/Plan is now available on this website, as will be future news and updates.




(1)  Charity and Committee Reports.  

(2)  Electors Questions and Concerns.

Election of Chairman & Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office.



  1. Election of Vice-Chairman
  2. Election of Trustees & Representatives of Charities and Committees
  3. Clerk’s Yearly Report

3)       DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST  Declarations of personal/prejudicial interests in respect of items on Agenda
    i)  Co-option of new Councillor – Cartmel Ward
   ii)  Cartmel Car Park    To receive recommendations from Working Party
                                         To approve Deed of Surrender
  iii)  Website for Parish Council   Progress report
  iv)  Provision of Allotments – Parish Council Field  Progress report
   v)  Parish Plan  To receive recommendations from Working Party
  vi)  CCC Winter Maintenance  To note response to Consultation
 vii)  Parish Council Cottage  To approve progression of grant application.
xiii)  Proposed Highway closure at Low Frith   To note/agree progress
  ix)  Clerk/District Councillor ReportTo receive reports of matters of interest

6)      Finance Report
    i)            Consider Finance Report as at 30th April 2010 as listed on the attached schedule (copy attached).
         a)  Receipts received since April meeting as listed on the attached schedule.
         b)  Authorise payment of accounts as listed on the attached schedule.
         c)  Review Insurance Cover
   ii)   Approval of Accounts and Signing of Statement of Assurance  (as circulated)
  iii)   Distribution of Car Park Money  (as circulated)

7)               PLANNING
     i)  Consideration of relevant planning applications  SL/2010/0200; 0222; 0229; 0243; 0248; 0279; 0286;
       ii)  Applications Approved by SLDC:  Erection of Lodge (retrospective) The Pastures, Allithwaite. Front Dormer, Edgeside, Haggs Lane.
iii)  Applications Refused by SLDC:  None to Date
iv)  Applications Recommended for Approval by Parish Council  Front Dormer, Edgeside, Haggs Lane
    v)  Applications Recommended for Refusal by Parish Council:  None to Date. 

        i)   Capita Symonds Public Rights of Way Annual Programme – Notification of inclusion in Improvements Programme
Correspondence received after 6th May 2010.

9)   OTHER MATTERS    None

Closure of the Meeting and confirm the next meeting of the Council will be held at The Village Hall, Cartmel on Thursday,  10th June at 7.15pm.



BALANCES AS AT 30th April 2010

Parish Council     Community Account  £2,490.90
                             Business Base Rate Tracker  £14,437.66
Car Park                Community Account   £11,911.95
                                Business Reserve £16,042.14
Money Received:            
                                     Pay & Display Machine April £2,977.50
                                     G Postlethwaite Burial of Ashes B Milligan £78.00
                                     A Clarke Burial G Thwaites £97.00 (existing)
                                     Kevin Bateman Monumental Mason £36.00 Add inscription G Thwaites
                                     Able Memorials Ltd Add Inscription M Martin £36.00                                    
                                     SLDC Precept £2,000.00

Cheques for Approval:
                                    Clerk April Salary £378.00 + £18. 26 Expenses
                                    Broadband £17.99.
                                    Cumbria Playing Fields Association Affiliation fees £15.50
                                    AON Insurance Co. Public Liability £566.60.
                                    J Wright Ltd Grasscutting £114.00
                                    Mr P Barton April Salary £100.00 + £12.20 Black Bags
                                    Mr T Newby April Salary £50.00
                                    BemroseBooth  Tickets £226.78