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We are urging villagers to get involved with a Town Development Study and give feedback to suggested ways of improving important areas of development including parking, access and signage.

To download the PDF of the 96 page Final Report detailed plan CLICK HERE.

To download the PDF of the latest Newsletter CLICK HERE.

Villagers and those living in the surrounding areas are asked to give their voice and feedback by emailing the co-ordinators of the scheme and to download and fill in the important FEEDBACK FORM.

Thanks to all of you who have registered your details.
However to make sure we have your up to date details, please register for the newsletter by sending an email to: You can also follow the latest news on our Facebook page: Cartmeltownshipinitiative.


In this newsletter:

• The CTI (Cartmel Township Initiative) Delivery Group

• ‘View from the chair—Barry Dean FRICS’

• What is the Cartmel Town Initiative?

• How do you get involved

• What are we doing next—what can you do?

• How to receive future notifications


Following the long-term concems of r esidents , businesses, visitors and Councilors of the pressure upon Cartmel's fragile and historic infrastructure, a representative group was formed in May 2013, known as the Cartmel Township Initiative. Following a lengthy
tender process Allies and Morrison were appointed and carried out a comprehensive review of the village including extensive public engagement.

The outcome was publication of their Report and Recommendations in January 2015. Subsequently and to address the Study's Action Plan, a Delivery Group was brought together in April under the
umbrella of the Parish Council, the prime objective of which

• To enhance the character of Cartmel.

• To make sure the village becomes safer and a better experience for pedestrians.

• To review parking for residents, businesses and visitors.

• To improve traffic flow through the village.

• To improve and enhance the Cartmel visitor experience.

• To support and promote
local businesses.

The Delivery Group are currently addressing ‘thirteen Key Actions' ranging from improving signage, cycling, forms of parking including
resident and business permits, time limited parking, traffic movement both to and from the racecourse, visitor coaches, commercial vehicle delivery points and improvements along the River Eea.

I am pleased we are now able to publicise progress made by the CTI Delivery Group towards implementing the Action Plan set down in the Allies and Morrison Report.

Cartmel continues to be an increasing point of destination for visitors but the village infrastructure is creaking and proving to be inadequate to meet the strains of modern da y traffic movement ,
pedestrian flow, delivery vehicles and parking etc.

Without urgent action the village as we know it could become irreparable. The Delivery Group set about implementing the
Consultant's Action Plan in June but this will take time and it is important we continue to take onboard everyone's views on the
future outcomes, limited only by the inadequacy of funding streams and day-today availability of the Delivery Group members.

The Group is determined to protec t the hi s tor ic character of the village whilst at the same time ensuring that businesses continue to thrive and prosper from the many unique facets driving Cartmel's popularity.

What is the CTI Delivery Group?

The Cartmel Township Initiative Group effectively completed their initial brief following completion of the Allies and Morrison Study in December 2014. Following acceptance of the Report, the Parish
Council invited the Chair to form a new representative Delivery Group of residents and businesses.

After circulating all those who had expressed interest in the Aims and Objectives of the CTI a meeting was called in February followed by a workshop in April which led to the formation of an initial CTI Constitution with three sub groups working under the umbrella of the Delivery Group, namely:

• Planning, Infrastructure and Environment.

• Funding, Business and Governance.

• Communication and Engagement.

Each sub group has brought together several members and have been working towards setting individual objectives. Sub groups meet as needed fitting in with home, business and other commitments and will be reporting periodically to the Main Group.

Get involved and HAVE YOUR SAY

The Main Group will hold periodic meetings along the lines of the Parish Council to which anyone may attend and observe.
Any issues or concerns arising from Group Meetings can be put through the communication channels outlined below in order that they can then be fed back to the sub groups.

It is the intention of the Delivery Group to hold a minimum of two annual open days or drop in sessions so that members of the Delivery Group can update villagers and businesses and take comment ‘face to face’.

Anyone who wishes to become an active member of the Delivery Group is welcome as there is likely to be a need for increasing engagement around the village as proposals unfold.

This particular newsletter is intended to be mailed to every home and business within the wider village but future communication will be made by e-mail or to specific addressees when notified if not online. It is also intended that the CTI Delivery Group will have a
Facebook page and hopefully a Twitter account so that wider
communication can be maintained.

What are we doing next?

Obtaining the Consultant's Report proved to be expensive but indispensable in ensuring that there was independent scrutiny of the
village needs not simply weighted to one particular pressure group. In consequence the CTI Delivery Group will address each of the 13 Key Actions without major change but will reflect any further
valuable input which may be made known. It will not be possible to address all of the actions at the same time and priorities are being set.

These are evolving at sub group level before being brought to the Main Group and once satisfied will be taken to the Parish Council
before wider circulation. Continuing Engagement is essential and the Group are delighted to have the support of both South Lakeland
District Council and Cumbria County Council in seeking to meet the objectives. The Engagement Officer of Cumbria County Council
attends Delivery Group meetings. The main objectives currently being addressed are actions 1-5 under Section 5.3 of the Consultant's Report. If you have not already done so please read the Report.

Unfortunately individual copies cannot be circulated due to cost but can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile and if needed, printed. Above all it is important everyone with the best interests of the village at heart, seek to contribute. and g1ve feedback.

How to receive further notifications

Throughout the involvement of Allies and Morrison those interested in the outcomes of the CTI process were invited to provide contact details.

Unfortunately some of those details provided were unclear and in consequence attempts to contact everyone by e-mail has not been possible.

The Communication and Engagement sub group are, as part of their remit, seeking to update all contacts.

In future, newsletters will be emailed out, posted on the website and placed onto village noticeboards. You can register for an email update on the website. If you do not have email please return the attached form and we will post a newsletter out to you.

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